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Many Kingwood residents may not understand how governmental and quasi-governmental organizations operate in Kingwood. This is particularly true of residents who have moved from other areas of the country. Because Houston does not have zoning, we depend on deed restrictions, enforced by our community associations to restrict how property owners use their property. Another organization, Kingwood Service Association provides services to the entire Kingwood community. Click here for an attempt to clarify how things function and get done in Kingwood.

KAM has been receiving questions from RAKP residents in regard to “how we get keys for our new mailboxes”. Information has been gathered by RAKP Board members that Post Office representatives are distributing the keys as quickly as they can. Residents are asked to be patient. Here is the process:

1. The contractor installs the new box
2. The carrier receives the keys
3 the carrier has to label the boxes (inside)
4. The carrier will attempt to deliver keys to homeowners that are at home
5. Remaining keys are delivered to the post office to be retrieved by the homeowners.

Homeowners are advised to sign up for Informed Delivery on the USPS web site. With this service, you will get a daily email with the scan of your mail to be delivered that day. With this service, you will know if you have any important mail that you should retrieve your mail from the post office that day.


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